From raw natural materials to refined traditional details, Jack considers more than how a space looks: but how it feels to live within it. Jack’s interiors are designed with the experience of warmth, comfort, and style working together as the foundation.

“Interior Design is about finding design solutions to enhance the quality of life for my clients. None of my projects are the same because each of my clients are unique and it’s important to me to have their individuality speak through the design.”

Jack honed his international aesthetic by working in London, China, New York, and Chicago. For 15 years he lived in Los Angeles where he worked with industry-leading designers Craig Wright and Michael Smith. His intuitive design sense is complemented by his formal training; he holds a degree in Interior Architecture from Woodbury University in California.

“It’s about developing the psychology of the space and considering how people interact with materials and the architecture. The scale of furniture and architecture is key to a successful interior — it all has to work together.”

Among the many publications that have featured Jack and his work are Style at Home, Western Living, and prior to joining Formwerks, he was the senior designer on projects that have been featured in Architectural Digest and House Beautiful.

Jack now helms Jack Brown Interiors, an evolution of Formwerks Interior Design, where he previously served as Director of Interiors.


Senior Designer⎜eleanor@jackbrowninteriors.com

Intermediate Designer⎜gillian@jackbrowninteriors.com